Feb 14

Why Finding the Best Places to Eat in Bend Oregon is Easy

Posted by Cascade Village

Bursting with ingenuity and creative flair, dining is hardly taken lightly in the Pacific Northwest. There is a certain caliber that folks in Central Oregon, and Bend specifically, expect.

So, considering the broad range of high quality and delicious cuisine, where are the best places to eat in Bend, Oregon?

Cascade Village

When it comes to a variety of choices available in one open-air shopping center, some of the best places to eat in Bend are easily found at Cascade Village Shopping Center. A haven of shopping, dining and relaxing all in one, convenient location makes it your one stop getaway for checking items off your shopping list and enjoying happy hour with a friend.

Whether you’ve been shopping since 9 am and require refuel, need a quiet place for a business lunch, or are seeking a fun spot to unwind at the end of the day, Cascade Village offers not only an array of shopping, but also a diverse spectrum of restaurants. With a fun selection catering to shoppers, visitors and locals, Cascade Village’s open-air design covers a span of 34 acres. While the options are bountiful, it remains spacious and peaceful.

The cheerful and healthy Jamba Juice is a sure fire pick-me-up for that last bit of shopping, satisfying the kids and mom. While El Rancho Grande’s authentic Mexican food, margaritas and some chips and salsa might be just what you need to unwind.

From the classic Italian Johnny Carino’s and Little Pizza Paradise to Japanese destination Shinsei Sushi, Cascade Village knows that a relaxing dining experience is vitally important after all the activities in your busy day.

And, because Bend is such a draw for families, every restaurant is kid friendly and welcoming, making the decision even easier. We’ve made finding the best placed to eat in Bend, Oregon easy. When it comes to a fun, relaxing environment with delicious, quality food, Cascade Village has got you covered.

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