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Jul 03

It’s Wedding Season and You’ll Love the Way You Look at Men’s Wearhouse

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“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” – Oscar Wilde


If there were ever a time to heed the words of one of the world’s most celebrated poets, it’s during the wedding season. After all, getting married is taking a rather serious step in life. At Cascade Village Shopping Center, Men’s Wearhouse in Bend has everything you need for making sure you’ve got a well-tied tie on your big day.

Whether you’re getting married or not this wedding season, you’re probably going to one. Come on down to the Men’s Wearhouse and find out why you’ll love the way you look.


Every Wedding Season Needs a New Suit

We all have various roles when it comes to every new wedding season. Some of us may be getting married or are even groomsman for one of our best friends. As a groomsman, you’re there for support, and you want to make sure you look good while you’re doing it. At Men’s Wearhouse, they outfit parties in the most stylish and elegant suits that match your unique style. 

Whether you want to go custom, rent, or buy your new look, you’ll find the suit you need. They make sure you’ve got all the options at your disposal. Even if you’re not in the wedding party but still invited to the actual wedding, your new suit gives you the freedom of choosing any suit for any particular occasion. 

From tuxedos and 3-piece suits to prom nights and weddings, Men’s Wearhouse has an immense selection of suits no matter the occasion. It shouldn’t matter if it’s wedding season or not, every special moment deserves a new suit. 


Shop & Dine in Style

Cascade Village Shopping Center is the perfect place for spending a day finding your new suit. Walk into Men’s Wearhouse for a custom fitting and stroll from store-to-store as they size up your new suit. 

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Wedding season is the perfect time for visiting Men’s Wearhouse before taking the first “serious step” into life. We all want to make Oscar Wilde proud — let Cascade Village Shopping Center show you how. 

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