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PetSmart dog training in action

Sit, Stay, Heel. The Benefits of PetSmart Dog Training

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PetSmart offers more than you’d think. You may know the company for its excellent selection of pet supplies, food, and, well, pets (we’re mesmerized by the fish, too). But they also offer accredited PetSmart dog training and puppy training. For anyone with a dog, this provides an affordable alternative that benefits both you and your furry friend.  

The importance of PetSmart dog training 

Whether you have a new dog or puppy or want to teach an old dog new tricks, training is vital to your animal’s wellbeing. Not to mention your peace of mind. Training your dog can help you establish a positive relationship, increase sociability, avoid problem behaviors, and could potentially save a life. 

Positive relationship 

The stronger the bond you have with your dog, the better. With positive reinforcement and proper training, you can better understand and communicate with your dog. 

Increase sociability 

Dogs aren’t born with a sense of social etiquette, it’s something they need to be taught. Puppy and dog classes, like those offered at PetSmart, often occur in group settings. Social interaction gives a dog “the confidence to deal with the pressures of domestic life.” Unlike private trainers that come to your home, PetSmart training occurs at the store where there are plenty of animals and people for your dog to interact with.

Avoid problem behaviors 

Jumping, excessive barking, anxiety, and aggression are problems most dog owners are familiar with. With training, you can learn to redirect your dog’s behavior (without force) to help him or her feel more comfortable.

Save a life 

This is a big one. Training can help boost your dog’s listening skills so they come when called, especially in a dangerous situation. Learning a command like “come” or “heel” can be the difference between life and death should your dog escape or be close to a moving vehicle, for example. 

What PetSmart dog training offers 

PetSmart puppy training and dog training courses are not just limited to Puppy, Beginner, and Intermediate classes. They also provide Advanced Training, Therapy Dog Training, and Trick Training. For those people or dogs more comfortable outside a group, they also offer Private Training and one-on-one BootCamp Training classes. 

What to expect in class 

Depending on the type of course you choose, your dog will learn different skill sets throughout the 6-week course. Each class, however, is led by an Accredited trainer who uses positive reinforcement techniques for all lessons. Puppy classes are for dogs ten weeks to five months. All other classes are for dogs five months and older. 

Be prepared to show proof of vaccinations for dogs older than four months as well as to “wear comfortable, non-slip shoes and leave personal belongings at home.” Other useful items include a leash, body harness, toy for distraction, and “yummy, small-bite treats.”  

You can expect to learn commands and tricks like sit, stay, loose-leash walking, heel, and dozens of others to give your dog the training it needs for success. 

Schedule a PetSmart dog training class today

Your local PetSmart at the Cascade Village Shopping Center offers all the bells and whistles (or should we say, treat clickers)? Schedule a class for your puppy or dog today. 

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