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May 15
Spring Cleaning Supplies

Where to Shop for Spring Cleaning Supplies

Posted by Cascade Village

As the weather turns and sunlight starts to creep into the corners of your living room at later hours of the day, you may begin to notice dust bunnies and hidden spots on rugs. While you put your winter clothes away and shake out your summer ones, you also realize you need to clean out your entire closet. Then there are the bathrooms. When was the last time you cleaned out that drawer? What about dusting the ceiling fans? It sounds like it’s time to do some spring cleaning! But, wait, you’re out of spring cleaning supplies.

Luckily, the stores at Cascade Village Shopping Center have everything you need to give your home a good scrubbing. The next time you’re shopping, running errands, or stopping off Highway 97 for a bite to eat, consider picking up some spring cleaning supplies from these stores.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is a one-stop shop for anything from new linen to kitchen gadgets to cleaning supplies. Plus, when you’re starting to clean your entire home after winter you may realize you need to update things in your home anyways.

Carrying trusted brands like Shark, if you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner to Mrs. Meyers for eco-friendly cleaning products to Swiffer for your hardwood floors, Bed Bath & Beyond has what you need.

Food 4 Less

Stopping into Food 4 Less to get dinner ingredients? Don’t forget some Febreeze, Lysol, and new Scotch Brite sponges. Food 4 Less has all the spring cleaning supplies you are looking for at a better price. Whether it’s carpet cleaner or microfiber cloths or dish soap, it’s easy to put a few more items in your cart while you’re grocery shopping.

Trader Joe’s

Speaking of grocery shopping, did you know that Trader Joe’s carries cleaning supplies as well? Their Next to Godliness Multiple Purpose Cedar Wood & Sage Cleaner is a shopper’s favorite as are their reusable kitchen cleaning cloths that can take the place of disposable paper towels.

Trader Joe’s products are proprietary, high-quality, and can help you clean your home.

Cost Plus World Market

While World Market doesn’t sell too many cleaning products they make up for it in selling cleaning tools and practical merchandise. Need a new compost container that complements your kitchen counter? Choose from these. Want new sponges that always make you smile when doing the dishes? These will do.

While they may not be known for their spring cleaning products, World Market has enough to help you do some deep cleaning. Plus, you can pick up some refreshing essential oils to make your home smell nice after you clean up.

Cascade Village Shopping Center | Spring Cleaning

While you shouldn’t wait until spring to complete all your cleaning tasks, seems like warm weather sparks motivation. Sometimes all you need is some good old fashioned elbow grease, baking soda, and hot water, but other situations call for more heavy-duty help.

Need some spring cleaning tips? Start here and make a cleaning checklist for the next time you come to visit us at Cascade Village Shopping Center.

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