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Apr 06
Shopping Bend Oregon for spring fashion trends

Shopping Bend Oregon | Spring Fashion Trends

Posted by Cascade Village

One of the greatest perks to living in Bend is you can pretty much wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Few dress codes exist here, which can make following spring fashion trends difficult. That’s not to say that this applies across the board, because many fashionistas call Bend home. When shopping Bend Oregon for spring fashion trends, there are several must have items to help you from getting caught at the latest Bend festival in yoga pants and a flannel (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Spring Fashion Trends


Are leggings pants? The topic has been hotly debated for years and this spring stretchy pants are finally getting the respect they deserve. Watching spring runways, it’s easy to see that leggings will soon be everywhere. In Bend, comfort is key whether you’re hiking the Butte with the kids, walking into an important business meeting or meeting your friends for happy hour. And what’s more comfortable than leggings?


We know what you’re thinking. Springtime can still get to be pretty chilly, why would it make sense to suggest miniskirts for spring fashion trends in Central Oregon? Versatility, that’s why. Miniskirts can be worn so many different ways, which is essential for the Bend fashionista. From work to play, from day to night – a well-fitting miniskirt can bring your fashion game up, along with your hemlines.

Floral Prints

Along with blossoming spring flowers comes beautiful, floral prints. From dresses to button-down shirts, bring a little edge to the classic style with larger, more geometric and art-inspired floral prints. While choosing floral prints in the spring may seem typical and uninspired, enhance the style with bigger statement designs. Floral prints are in bloom and they’re spreading like wildflowers.

Shopping Bend Oregon

Cascade Village has many shops to help you when shopping Bend Oregon for spring fashion trends. From affordable designer fashion at Ross Dress for Less, to the youthful options at Rue 21, to the savvy professional at Lane Bryant, we make shopping Bend Oregon a breeze.

Visit the shops at Cascade Village Shopping Center to keep up with spring fashion trends, or create your own style. The options are endless when it comes to shopping Bend Oregon at Cascade Village.

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