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The Permanent Impact of a Temporary Tattoo at Conscious Ink

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You may have seen a friend or celebrity sporting new ink on Instagram and thought, when did they get that? In the last ten years, tattoos have gone from taboo to mainstream. Now, a temporary tattoo or permanent one is a form of self-expression. 

A recent Guardian article quoted the author of 100 Years of Tattoos, David McComb: “‘Whereas my generation would think about it for a long time, young people don’t think twice about going to get a tattoo.”

Yet, for all the removal technology, tattoos are still permanent decisions. This is where the temporary tattoo trend has taken off. It’s a low cost, low-risk alternative to permanent ink. And temporary tattoos offer what real ones cannot: the ability to change your mind. 


How the temporary tattoo process works

The process for temporary tattoo art echoes the lick-and-stick tattoos you likely remember from childhood. The ink is applied “by transferring a transparent sheet to the skin, rubbing with a damp sponge, and waiting for the design to set.” Unlike the cheap tattoos when you were a kid, new temporary ink companies like Conscious Ink have products that last around five days and up to ten with “attentive care.” 

Another reason this trend has gained traction is for the lessened cost, pain, and irritation compared to traditional tattoos. Because these tattoos are on the skin’s surface, rather than beneath it, there are no needles or worry for infection

The removal process is even less involved. Just use baby oil or rubbing alcohol and voila—clean skin ready for the next design. 


Why people are choosing to go the temporary tattoo route

The obvious benefit of temporary tattoos is their lack of permanence. The transient nature of these tattoos might cause some consumers to wonder about the benefits. But the option to change your tattoo to fit your mood or your mission could be a game-changer for some. Alternately, you could have a custom tattoo made to celebrate a cause you are passionate about. Or for a unique way to tell the world you are a bride-to-be on your bachelorette party. 

Temporary tattoos also allow you to test out something you have been thinking about making permanent. If you’re indecisive, or simply want to experience a tattoo in everyday life, this option could save time and pain.

Temporary tattoos also range from $5 to $15 on average, allowing users to get multiple at a time or to come back for more depending on their needs. There is also a fascinating trend in the fashion world, where models and celebrities are using their skin as visual billboards for causes, albums, and societal messages

Sometimes, though, the choice to sport a temporary tattoo is just to have fun and show off your style.   


What sets Conscious Ink apart 

With dozens of new temporary ink companies, Conscious Ink sets itself apart by focusing on its mission: “to raise consciousness around the world, one body at a time.” Their tattoos feature messages that inspire, promote positivity, and affirm others. The “temporary on the skin, indelible on the soul” concept results in tattoos with mantras like ‘I am enough.’ 

Plus, their “Give-Ink Back” promise means your purchase supports charities doing good around the world as well. 


Find their store at CVSC

The Cascade Village Shopping Center is proud to host a business like Conscious Ink, where the product is more than a temporary piece of art—it’s a permanent mindset. 

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