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The Ultimate At-Home Date Night Ideas with the CVSC

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With closed businesses, strict quarantine laws, and Coronavirus safety concerns, people continue to stay in their homes more than ever. While this forces families to spend more time with one another, it can also take a toll on your relationship if you let it. But just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean date night should stop. Read on for five awesome at-home date night ideas for Valentine’s Day and beyond. 


Make It a Movie Marathon

After putting the kids to bed or sending them to grandma’s, marathon your favorite movie series! Make it memorable with large bean bags and comfy blankets to snuggle up close. And amp up the experience (pun intended) with surround sound speakers. Before you hit play, stock up with buttery popcorn, candies, and soda from Food 4 Less


Go All In On a Fine Dining Experience

With dining-in closed, move the fine dining experience to your kitchen. Set the table with fancy plates and cutlery, add a centerpiece of fresh flowers, and turn on the mood music. Be sure to drive together to pick up a hot cooked meal from one of your favorite restaurants. Make it extra special by dressing to the nines––we all need an excuse to get out of sweatpants, anyway. 


Bust Out the Board Games

If you and your partner are competitive, a board game date night might be more your style. Purchase your favorite two-player games like Tsuro, Chess, Wit’s End, Risk, or Hygge. Throw in a bottle of wine and snacks from Trader Joe’s, and you’re set to keep the healthy competition going. For added fun, create prize tickets for the winner of each game, like a back massage.


Bring the Stadium, Field, or Arena Home

Are you both big sports fans? Plan your date night around the big game. Head to Trader Joe’s for a healthier version of popcorn and peanuts and a selection of delicious craft beers. Customize your night by getting matching team gear that gets you in the spirit. Paint your faces, cheer loudly together, and make it an exciting experience.


Sing Loud and Proud

Hook up a karaoke set from Best Buy to your TV, mix up your favorite ‘Rocktails,’ and sing the night away with one another. Add an extra element of fun by dressing up like rock stars. Ahead of time, get temporary tattoos from Conscious Ink that help you rock on in positivity. Make it special by choosing songs that remind you of each other––from romantic tunes to downright hilarious beats that fit your partner’s personality.


Enjoy These At-Home Date Night Ideas Together

Don’t let the pandemic put your romance on hold. Instead, get creative and enjoy your time together with these at-home date night ideas. Shop at our stores for all of your date night needs for Valentine’s and beyond.

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