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Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution With Bend, Oregon, Shopping

Posted by Cascade Village

Every new year brings the chance for a fresh start and a new you. At least, that’s the reasoning behind New Year’s resolutions, and take it from us: lack of commitment is so last year. Luckily, it’s nothing a little Bend, Oregon, shopping can’t fix! Here are the top two resolutions and the stores that have what you need to sustain your resolve.

Start With This Bend, Oregon, Shopping Spot

The more you meditate on intentions, the more instilled they become. That’s why we recommend kicking off 2024 with a visit to Board and Brush, Bend’s go-to crafting haven. You can set your intention there with encouraging words and symbols on everything from wooden signs and door mats to pillows and tea towels. Want to be less critical of yourself and others? Inscribe this quote by philosopher Krishnamurti on a wooden sign: “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” The idea is to create an encouraging reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing and motivate progress. 

Resolution #1: Be Healthier

This hugely popular goal tends to be fueled by indulgent holiday parties and feasts, followed by nearly comatose TV binges on the couch. Whatever the reason, health is an important priority and requires some strategy. 

If you want a more nutritious diet, there’s no better place to start than the food aisles of Local Acres Marketplace. As the name implies, this grocery store is local, allowing you to stock up on fresh produce and support nearby farmers. Grab all the healthy food items you need to keep to keep yourself on track and save some money with their weekly deals. 

If getting more exercise is your aim, why not have the right equipment in your house to make it as easy as possible? Dick’s Sporting Goods is stocked with basics like weights, treadmills, and exercise mats. If you need professional guidance, they also carry a high-tech fitness mirror ensuring remote access to a personal trainer.

One or both of these goals are doable but tough—so don’t be too hard on yourself if you occasionally yield to a craving or skip a week of workouts. That’s called balance, and unlike perfection, it’s real.    

Resolution #2: Incorporate Self-Care

While many consider diet and exercise to be self-care (and they are), another version is just as important: the self-care that eludes parents, workaholics, and the super-stressed. It’s the kind of self-care that pauses the world for a moment, feeds your soul, and stabilizes you emotionally and physically. While this form of betterment looks different for everyone, there is one thing that the weary among need.

Sleep. The kind that truly restores you. Everything tends to suffer without it. If you’ve tried every trick in the book to no avail, the culprit may be your mattress. Do yourself a major favor and buy a new one at Mattress Firm. The national retailer has more than fifty models to compare, and the brand names known for cloud-like comfort. You’re bound to find one that makes your old mattress seem like a flat cardboard box. Plus, snoozing on a superb mattress is a revelatory experience; no more stiff necks or low-quality REM! You’re not dreaming. You’re just sleeping better.

It’s a New Year, New You at Cascade Village

Whether shopping, dining, or unwinding, Cascade Village has all the stores you need to make the Bend, Oregon, shopping experience more convenient. Our retailers reflect the needs of the community, and that’s why we’re able to support your 2024 journey. Have different resolutions? Visit us online to explore the diverse offerings that can help set you up for success in the New Year!

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