Jun 12
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Camp Meals Made Easy With PACAYA at the CVSC

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Summer’s here, and the call of the great outdoors is getting louder every day. Camping trips are all about fresh air, starry nights, and making memories that last a lifetime. But let’s be honest, planning camp meals can sometimes feel like a chore. Enter PACAYA, your camping trip savior conveniently located at the Cascade Village Shopping Center. Their ingenious system takes the stress out of camp cooking, leaving you with nothing but deliciousness to enjoy around the campfire.

PACAYA’s Streamlined Process

Forget the grocery shopping frenzy and the cooler Tetris game. Pacaya offers a simple and convenient process. First, select your meal plan: individual meals to-go, nightly plan, group order (for eight-plus people), or a custom request. Next, build your menu from their seasonal selections (see below for inspiration). Once you’ve made your selections, schedule your delivery or pickup and get ready to maximize your time in Central Oregon’s outdoor playground. 

Camp Meals to Tantalize Taste Buds 

PACAYA doesn’t just offer the basics! Imagine waking up to the sweet aroma of berry and chocolate chip pancakes or whipping up a breakfast skillet filled with all the fixings without a single worry about forgetting the ingredients. Craving something heartier? Picture yourself enjoying a gourmet meal of sage brown butter gnocchi with bruschetta or a vegetarian Thai coconut rice bowl, all prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Best of all, PACAYA’s outfitter-inspired meals are designed to be cooked outdoors in 20 minutes or less with one pot or pan. Their camp meals are also inclusive of dietary preferences and restrictions, so everyone can enjoy a gourmet meal off-the-grid. 

Beyond Meals: Kitchen Camping Essentials 

If you find yourself missing essential camp kitchen items, PACAYA has you covered! In addition to their meals expertly packed in Yeti coolers and weatherproof pantry boxes, they also offer a Camp Kitchen Rental Program for $50 a day. The equipment set includes everything you need for gourmet camp cooking: a standing height set and insert, two flat burners, a deep mesh tray, a camp cooker, and a waterproof gear bag. 

Local Delivery or Pickup 

PACAYA’s goal is to make camp meals easier in all ways. That’s why they offer convenient local delivery and pickup services. If you choose to go the delivery route, simply add your address and delivery instructions during checkout, and their team will bring your cooler and pantry box to your doorstep. Prefer to pick up your items during your Cascade Village shopping run? Their storefront is located right next to Taco del Mar. Just pick a date and time, and they’ll handle the rest! 

When you’re done with your camping adventures, don’t forget to return your Yeti cooler and any rented gear within five days

Embrace Adventure With PACAYA

Whether you’re a camping pro or a newbie, PACAYA at the Cascade Village Shopping Center allows you to ditch the stress of camp meals and focus on creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones. With convenient online ordering, delicious menu options, and equipment rentals, the only thing left to do is explore!

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