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Halloween Hacks — DIY Family Costumes at the CVSC

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Boo! We hate to scare you, but it’s already mid-October. So if you don’t have a costume yet, it’s time to DIY. Lucky for you, the Cascade Village Shopping Center has everything you need to put together DIY family costumes that are sure to win “best dressed.” Happy creating!    

DIY Family Costumes Aren’t As Tricky As You Think 

You don’t need to be a seamstress or even very crafty, to put together memorable costumes for your family. All you need is a little imagination, the right stores (hint: we’ve got those covered!), and some magic. 

These are our favorite DIY family costumes with supplies at the CVSC. 

Mischief Managed 

These magical looks give Harry Potter’s Marauders a run for their money. We love these costumes because the theme is so versatile. And, depending on the number of family members you’re dressing, you can go classic or ultra-fan. 

Achieve a Ron-Harry-Hermione look with fake glasses, black robes or duster coats to serve as robes, and any combination of red and gold scarves or socks from Ross Dress For Less. From there, you can add additional family members like little ones dressed as Hedwig (any white onesie with feathers printed from home) or Dobby (a grey-toned pillowcase and some felt ears will do the trick!). 

Go to the dark side with Death Eater costumes and all-black outfits. Or, simply dress as members of Hogwarts houses with colors to match. Sticks will do for wands, but if you want to make the night special (and more “authentic”), grab a few classic British snacks at World Market. And if you dare, find Bertie Bott’s beans at Food 4 Less

{Hulk} Smashed It 

We love these Marvel costumes 3000. Our favorite part? The fact that anybody can be a superhero with a few simple pieces of clothing and props. The Marvel universe has hundreds of characters to choose from, so no matter how big your family is, you’re sure to fit this theme. 

If you want to turn your family into the Avengers, start at Dick’s Sporting Goods with an all-black uniform for the Black Widow (like these pants and boots) and USA-themed gear for Captain America. To add Bruce Banner/The Hulk to the mix, grab a green shirt at Ross (ripped at home) and a white lab coat from The Scrub Shack. For Iron Man, go classic with a red and gold outfit from Ross or Dick’s, or keep it cool with alter-ego Tony Stark in a suit from Men’s Wearhouse and tech from Best Buy

If you want even more options for your DIY family costumes, try theming it by movie like Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Ant-Man. Remember that the costumes don’t have to be fancy; they just have to be fun! 

Pop Culture Pop-Off

Pop culture costumes can be anything from movies, celebrities, trending things, or iconic moments. We love this category for costume because they’re simple to execute, endlessly entertaining at parties, and full of possibilities. 

You can’t go wrong with classics like Ghostbusters or Top Gun (make it current with Maverick). All you need are matching gray jumpsuits, belts, and nerf guns or green jumpsuits and hats. Going retro as the Stranger Things cast is easy with graphic tees, aviator-style sunglasses, denim on denim, and oversized jackets (and hair!). Ross, Famous Footwear, and Pro-Image are your best bets for these. 

The beauty of this category is that you can find any popular reference from the past year—or even decade. Try dressing as past or present celebrities with fancy clothes from Men’s Warehouse or Ross and even some bling at Harry Ritchie’s. Or, make it punny with themes like “Ice Ice Baby” (especially good with a new baby) or “Party Animals” (involve your actual animals with this one at PetSmart). Your only limit is your imagination!  

Get Your Last Minute DIY Family Costumes At the CVSC

The family that Halloween themes together stays together. Find all the supplies you need for your DIY family costumes at the shops at Cascade Village!

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