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Jun 07
Father’s Day

Father’s Day in Central Oregon

Posted by Cascade Village

Father’s Day falls on June 18th this year, and it’s the perfect day to show Dad some love and get out in the sunshine together! Step up your game this year and graduate in gift-giving with the “World’s Best Dad” mug. Your relationship with your father has shaped you into the person you are today.

Finding the perfect way to express your appreciation can be a challenge. Since fathers are notorious for saying they’re happy with anything regarding gifts, we’re here to help. Think of shopping for the perfect Father’s Day present as a treasure hunt. We’ve searched far and wide to gather up the best gift ideas for the holiday.

Does your dad buy himself anything he really wants? Or is he the opposite, only holding onto what he feels he absolutely needs? Is he a geek, a sports fanatic, or a master chef? No matter what he’s into, Cascade Village Shopping Center has the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad.

The Geek

His eyes get laser focused when the latest gadgets drop and he can tell you the backstory of every character in the Marvel Universe. With everything from video games to home theater systems, Best Buy is your top destination for finding the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A toy drone to get him soaring through the skies
  • A smartwatch so he actually sees texts from you and Mom, like the Fitbit Charge or Apple Watch
  • A great set of headphones or a portable speaker so he can play his music all day (or night) long
  • A Funko Pop collectible (or two) of his favorite Marvel, DC, or Nintendo hero

The Sports Fanatic

You know his touchdown dance by heart. This man bleeds his team colors and makes sure everyone around knows it. Since you can’t bring him Russell Wilson wrapped with a bow, gear from Pro Image or Dick’s Sporting Goods is the next best thing.

  • A jersey for his favorite athlete – or if he’s already got that, socks and a tumbler to match
  • A vintage leather football with his team’s logo stamped on the side for admiring or tossing around the yard
  • A new casting rod for fishing season. (Bonus: you might get some free fish out of the deal!)

The Master Chef

He can grill, he can bake, and he can mix up a mean drink. No wonder your mom married him. What can’t this man do? Scope out World Market, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Trader Joe’s for some creative cooking ideas.

  • A handsome rolling bar cart – because you know he’ll use it, but he’ll never buy it for himself
  • Nothing says “I love you” quite like an espresso maker to help him create the perfect espresso, cappuccino, or latte every morning
  • A non-stick fry pan to make flipping omelets, pancakes, or burgers a breeze

The Minimalist or The Man Who Already Has Everything

If he doesn’t already use it every day, he doesn’t need it. He’s smart, practical, and impossible to find a gift for. Find him a creative and personal present, though, and he’ll cherish the memory forever.

  • You can’t go wrong with a box chocolates and a six pack of his favorite brews
  • A sappy (or hilarious) card from World Market with a handwritten note from his favorite child
  • Meat, veggies, and maybe some marshmallows – all of the supplies he needs to kick off the first backyard barbecue of the season

Swing by Cascade Village Shopping Center to grab your gift of choice and make this year’s Father’s Day is one you and your family will never forget!

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