Apr 20
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3 Hacks To Help The Planet For Earth Day 2022

Posted by Cascade Village

Picture this: it’s 1970 and the United States is electric with change. An oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, California leaves witnesses outraged and ready for action. And a mission-minded Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson, has the idea of infusing “the energy of student anti-war protests with an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution.” This is the birth of Earth Day. And a rise in national awareness and policies about the environment. Inspired? Here’s how you can contribute to Earth Day 2022. 

Anyone Can Help the Planet for Earth Day 2022 (and Beyond) 

Looking at the environment as a whole can be overwhelming. But want to know the beauty of helping the planet, both for Earth Day 2022 and every day? Small ripples can add up to a wave of change. 

For example, turning off the faucet, unplugging electronics, switching out lightbulbs, and being smart about your consumption (especially those finicky plastics) are all easy changes that have huge positive impacts. 

Or you can try these three hacks, all accessible from stores at the CVSC. 


Hack 1: Energy-Saving Electronics 

There’s no escaping that we live in a digital world. These electronics are energy-suckers, contributing to 29 percent of global energy consumption per household. Luckily, stores like Best Buy have committed to more sustainable living by offering ENERGY STAR certified products and other environmentally conscious products that save money and energy. In addition, Best Buy recycles your old electronics for free. 


Hack 2: Plant-Based Eating 

The plant-based diets have been trending upwards for years. This is partly because animal agriculture “is responsible for 18 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions.” Whether you quit meat and other animal products cold turkey (pun intended) by going vegan or simply add #MeatlessMonday to your routine, your eating has a big impact on the environment. Try your hand at delicious, plant-based foods from the CVSC’s Trader Joe’s like Spicy Porkless Plant-Based Snack Rinds, Impossible Chicken Nuggets, and good ol’ whole fruits and veggies. 


Hack 3: People-Powered Movement 

We live in a veritable playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Central Oregon’s dozens of hiking and biking trails make it easy to get out and explore. But what about swapping your daily commute with a walk or bike to work or the store? Bend is spread out so we know it’s not always possible, but opting for people-powered movement when you can is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and get fit. All you need is a new pair of walking shoes from Famous Footwear or a bike and gear from Dick’s Sporting Goods.  


Meet Your Green Goals for Earth Day 2022 at the CVSC

We hope we’ve inspired you to go green (and save green) with these hacks for Earth Day 2022 and beyond. Don’t forget that the small changes you make will make all the difference.

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