May 20
How to declutter with bed bath and beyond

How to Declutter Your Life with Bed Bath & Beyond

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We’ve all heard the expression “work smarter, not harder.” And when it comes to how to declutter your life, truer words have not been said. Bend’s Bed Bath and Beyond offers time-saving solutions for anyone hoping to simplify their life, especially during these crazy times. 


The many benefits of decluttering 

Admit it. You have at least one “junk drawer” in your home that is a mess of miscellaneous items. Or maybe it’s an overstuffed shoe rack or a Tupperware mountain? Whatever your clutter vice is, there are benefits to decluttering beyond knowing where everything is at all times. 


Reduces anxiety

You might notice this after a spring clean, but decluttering your space can help to declutter your mind as well. According to Psychology Today, “when things are out of order, it can (but not always does) make us feel scattered and anxious.” After cleaning and decluttering, anxiety lessens. More than this, having space free of clutter can give you a burst of energy to be in “getting-things-done mode.” With Coronavirus causing anxiety to rise, there is no better time to address any stressors.  

Improves your health 

Besides being pleasing to the eye, an organized space is also a cleaner space. “Clutter is a dust magnet” and can attract toxins that can make the air and your allergies worse in your home. Plus, decluttering can also lead to a host of other healthy habits like eating better and improving sleep. 

Allows more time for other things

Maybe most importantly, decluttering your life allows you to pare down to what’s important. For some, that might mean your more organized life gives you more time to pursue a hobby you’ve left behind (like those knitting needles you might have found in your junk drawer). For others, less time spent organizing items means more time to invest in relationships. Cutting certain things out in your life can free you up to experience others.  


Tips and tricks 

So how can you achieve the decluttered way of life? We’re glad you asked.  


Go through each area systematically 

Start day by day and room by room. You can even start with just five minutes per day. If you start with your kitchen, stay in that room until you’ve gone through each cabinet and decided which items to keep and which are cluttering your life. Keep a decluttering checklist as you go to keep track of your goals (and think of ideas for organizers later!). 

Follow the SEEYA method 

Following the SEEYA method is an easy way to decide what to keep, donate, or sell. The method has you ask yourself the following of each item: is it Sucking your energy? Excessive? Emotionally draining? You don’t love it? Or An eyesore? If you answer yes, “you can say ‘see ya’ to it.” 

Invest in multi-purpose items 

Less is always more. For items that “take up way more space than they need to,” consider multifunctional options to cut down on future clutter. This could mean using cloths instead of paper towels, nesting bowl sets, or any other combination of frequently used items. 

BB&B’s organized options 

The easiest way to prevent future clutter is to stay organized. Bed, Bath & Beyond specializes in organizers, cabinets, cubbies, and space savers to make any room, closet, or drawer a breeze to use. We are lucky to host the local BB&B right in the CVSC and equally lucky that their online store makes shopping and shipping during self-isolation easier than ever. After all, we all deserve to make room for what matters.

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