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The Mother of All Mother’s Day Shopping Lists

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Mothers are often the unsung heroes of the household. They balance tasks and to-dos like nobody’s business, making sure the appointments are made and the plans are booked. They’re one of the first comforts most of us experience and one of the first people we turn to when we’re sad, anxious, or excited. Those lucky enough to spend time with their mothers this Mother’s Day and beyond know that one day isn’t enough to say thank you. But, you can start with unique Mother’s Day shopping ideas from the CVSC. 


How Mother’s Day shopping has changed

Celebrating mothers has been part of society for centuries, starting with the ancient Greeks and Romans. The modern Mother’s Day started officially in 1914 and has grown to the brunch-having, bouquet-receiving day we now celebrate. Many gift-givers’ go-to’s for the holiday include the beloved card-flower duo. And while we love a bouquet, “unconventional options have also been emerging over the past decade.” The shift has led to gifts that are unique, ones that create special memories, and gifts that are more convenient (but still cost-effective). 


Top unique gifts for mom this year 

That said, we’ve put together some unique gift ideas that are sure to delight the mom in your life. 


Personalize and surprise

Personalized gifts are a great way to show mom that you not only care but that you’re paying attention. They can be memories, inside jokes, or include personal details like initials and birthstones. If you’re looking for a fancier gift, Harry Ritchie’s carries customized and engraved products––the perfect way to send a lasting message. For something not-so-permanent, you could create a custom tattoo from Conscious Ink to rock with your mom for the day (like her favorite quote or symbol). If your mom loves home and garden decor, make something special for her (better yet, with her!) at Board and Brush.   


Don’t tamper with the pamper

It’s probably a universal truth that all moms are in need of pampering. The CVSC has perfect treat-yourself stores from Pretty Nails to Pretty Moments and even expert hair services at Regis Salon. If mom’s in need of some alone time, grab her a gift card for a day of pampering. Followed by a shopping spree, of course. Or, if she’d love to spend the day together, make it a pamper trip for two (or three or four!). 


Serious about the experience 

Gifting an experience has a lasting impact. Material gifts most definitely have their place, but experiences make memories––ones that you can revisit as often as you like. For an experiential gift like no other for mom, try taking a vacation without leaving the house with an assortment of imported foods and goods from World Market. Or buy some sports gear to go along with surprise tickets to her favorite sports game (something to look forward to!). Another fun idea would be to gather the ingredients to cook her favorite meal with her, add in her drink of choice and her favorite movie to watch while you eat, and you’ve got the perfect day. 


Mother’s Day shopping at the CVSC

Mothers deserve our gratitude, attention, and more than a little relaxation. Give the gift of personalization, pampering, and experiences with Mother’s Day shopping at the CVSC. Oh, and don’t forget the card. 

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