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Shop Outside the Box: the Benefits of Open Air Shopping

Posted by Cascade Village

Shopping outside of the box means going beyond the traditional indoor mall landscape. When you knock down the literal and proverbial walls, you open yourself up to a unique experience where you can have your shopping and benefit from it, too. That’s where open air shopping comes in. 

See why the landscape at CVSC makes all the difference. 


What is open air shopping? 

Open air shopping is, quite literally, shopping in the fresh, open air. In traditional malls, you enter one building where dozens or hundreds of shops are housed––usually with a movie theater and a food court. With open air shopping, also known as open air retail, you have to walk outside to get from shop to shop, and the configuration is usually slightly less linear than a typical mall. 

In 2017, open air shopping was in a “‘measured upturn’ with a strategic emphasis on urban locations, mixed uses, parklike settings, and food and more food.” Areas like CVSC are using the outdoors to their advantage and offering a variety of shops, unique events, and the benefit of fresh air and nature. 


A breath of fresh air 

In a mountain town, there seems to be no shortage of fresh air. But how often do you consider the benefits of breathing deeply? On top of adding some color to your cheeks, fresh air has a myriad of health benefits.


It improves blood pressure and heart rate 

Being in the fresh air helps to clean your lungs and improves your blood pressure and heart rate. When you avoid polluted environments, your body does not have to “work hard to get the amount of oxygen it needs over polluted car fumes.” 


It strengthens your immune system 

Especially during cold and flu season, most everyone is looking for an immunity boost. Breathing in fresh air increases oxygen, which helps “white blood cells function properly by fighting and killing bacteria and germs.” 


It gives you more energy

Breathing in the fresh mountain air also helps to sharpen your brain and brighten your mood. Increased oxygen is directly tired to improved concentration and energy. Plus, being outside gives you more exposure to the sun’s vitamin D benefits (i.e., stronger bones, teeth, and immune systems). 


It makes you happier 

Last, but certainly not least, being outside makes you happier. The more oxygen you inhale, the more serotonin (“the happy hormone”) your body produces. 


More space to roam 

Our 34 acres open up your shopping experience, allow for ample parking, and feature some of the best stores and restaurants in Bend. If you want, you can walk the entire perimeter, or drive to whichever stores are on your list. 


Convenience is key 

With dozens of national chains and local shops, CVSC is the perfect one-stop shopping experience for consumers of every age. From groceries to gifts, you are sure to find what you’re looking for. Not to mention a few treasures that you didn’t expect to find.  


Discover open air shopping at CVSC

The Cascade Village Shopping Center has the unique benefit of being in the dynamic Bend, Oregon. With our 34 acres, you can experience open air shopping with full mountain views and unique features like our outdoor fire pit and water feature. At CVSC, shopping is more than a day trip. It’s a discovery. 

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