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Jan 17
pet supplies in Bend

Our Favorite Pet Supplies For Every Dog

Posted by Cascade Village

Have you ever noticed how pets often look like their owners? It’s becoming even truer now that pet supplies have taken a turn for the luxurious. Cashmere, wool, and leather goods are no longer solely for the human species. In fact, PetSmart has a line of luxury goods that will bring a sense of class to your canines. No matter your personality type, outfit your dog with these classic pet supplies in Bend.

Our Favorite Pet Supplies in Bend

For the Classy Dog

Just because you are a pet owner, that doesn’t mean you need to settle for basic accessories. After all, you decorate your home with velvet furnishings and brass hardware—why should your pet supplies take away from the decor? Thankfully, PetSmart released a new line of goods for your pet. Heather memory foam dog beds will fit right in with your dining room chairs. Checkered sweaters will allow your dog to play host. And rose gold dog bowls might match your silverware set.

Outfit your interiors in only the best (and most luxurious) comforts. Your dog will love them, and you will too.

For the Dog Who Wears Designer

There’s no reason you can’t be fashionable at the dog park. With champagne bottle toys, rope leashes, and dog beds with gold detailing, your dog can match your sense of style with ease. PetSmart has everything you need for the pets with sass.

For the Dog Who Loves To Travel

Just because you live an active and adventurous lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you can’t take your dog with you. You live in Bend, Oregon after all! For the owner (and dog) on the go, PetSmart has travel crates, backpacks, and collapsible bowls that can go on any adventure with you. And while you’re there, you might want a raincoat, parka, and silicone booties. You’ll be all set to summit that mountain or backpack that trail. Pack for your adventure (and take your pet with you) with PetSmart.

For the Dog Who Eats Well

You’re health-conscious in the kitchen, why wouldn’t you want your dog to be too? PetSmart has food for pets on organic, gluten-free, grain-free, and raw diets. Perfect for health-conscious owners and their pets. After all, you want your pets to live a long healthy life—just like you do!

Stop by PetSmart at Cascade Village to pick-up all of your pet supplies in Bend, Oregon. We have something to suit every style!

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