Sep 17
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What You Need to Know About PetSmart Grooming Before Muddy Season

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It’s a universal truth that every dry Central Oregon summer must turn into a muddy, changeable fall. That’s how the quote goes, right? If you’re a pet parent, you know they seem to have a magnetic pull to the dirtiest spots. But before the muddy season is fully underway, PetSmart grooming can start your furry friend off with a clean coat. 


PetSmart grooming salon menu

PetSmart grooming offers a well-rounded salon menu that includes Bath & Full Haircut, Bath & Haircut with FURminator, Bath & Brush with FURminator, Bath & Brush, Puppy Bath & Trim, and Puppy Brush & Trim. Their cat services include the same, except replace the last two with “kitten.” 

Even better, pet parents can expect each service to include a nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, anal gland cleaning, and scissoring feet. If you’re so inclined, you can add additional services like a “PAWdicure,” tooth brushing, or flea and tick services.   


What to expect before your appointment 

Before bringing your pet to the salon, book an appointment online and include any special instructions. These are especially useful if your pet is anxious around hairdryers, for example. The PetSmart grooming salon does require proof of rabies vaccination and that you’ve waited at least 48 hours between the vaccination and groom session. During COVID, PetSmart began their new curbside service, which allows for a more convenient and contactless drop-off and pick up. 

Before any grooming appointment, you can prepare by collecting all documents, communicating underlying conditions, and getting your pet used to salon experiences like touching their feet and ears and desensitizing them to a blow dryer. 


How to keep your pet clean between appointments 

Anyone who’s paid for pet grooming before only to have their dog or cat run through the nearest patch of mud knows the frustration of keeping pets clean. You can do some things in between grooming sessions like daily brushing, using pet wipes (for paws, ears, collars, and more), and keeping nails trim and ready. 

When in doubt, use the peanut butter trick


All your furry friend’s needs at the CVSC

PetSmart grooming is only one piece of overall pet care, but it’s an important one. Plus, its convenient location in the store gives you time to shop for pet food, toys, and accessories while you wait. (But we wouldn’t blame you if you left to shop for yourself instead). We’re lucky to have a great PetSmart staff at the CVSC to get all your furry friends ready for the coming muddy season and beyond. 

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