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Summer Garden Parties and Picnic Perfect Products at World Market Bend Oregon

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Ah, summer garden parties and picnics. Those magical events bring to mind delicious spreads of food, lazy summer days, and endless entertainment. But, when it comes to planning them, you don’t need a magic touch. You just need a bit of inspiration, an outdoor location, and perfect products from World Market Bend Oregon.


International inspiration at World Market Bend Oregon

World Market got its name for a reason. The imported goods chain started in the late 1950s when a businessman and traveler in San Francisco began selling wares from the city piers. The small operation turned into a storefront for unique, handmade goods from around the world before expanding into the store we know and love today. Like its sister stores, World Market Bend Oregon has an eclectic mix of imported goods that make summertime events all the more special.


Garden party pairings

Picture this: it’s 80 degrees with a cooling breeze, the table is set, and the sangria is chilled. Summer garden parties offer the right environment for connection and relaxation. And for a garden party a la Bridgerton or Austen, World Market Bend Oregon has the best products and pairings. 


Set the tone 

A garden party doesn’t necessarily have to take place in a garden––any patch of grass will do. But the idea here is an outdoor location (The park! Your backyard!) that allows you and your guests to enjoy the summer weather. You can transform just about any outdoor space with things like these antiqued lanterns or romantic string lights

Keep it cool  

As temps soar, opt for cool food and vibes. This could be anything from chilled rosé and homemade ceviche to refreshing popsicles and cool, layered trifles. Whether you go simple or extravagant, make sure you provide your guests with shade (the good kind). 

Make it inspired 

Hosting any party can be overwhelming. Make it inspired (and somewhat simpler) by choosing a theme, color scheme, or general direction. Start with the outdoor dinnerware and go from there. Or find ideas from these collections at World Market. 


Picnic perfect

A summer picnic is another great way to enjoy good food and views––things that we have in abundance in Central Oregon. There are three major elements to the perfect picnic that you can master with a bit of help from World Market Bend Oregon.


Pick the spot 

First, you’ve got to have the right spot for your picnic. It should be outside, of course, but the amount of shade or sun is up to you. Some location ideas are: the top of Smith Rock, Drake Park, the shore of Cultus Lake, or in view of Benham Falls. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t like to hike––your backyard is a great spot as well! 

Pack your bag 

This is the most important part of a picnic. Start with a picnic basket or bag from World Market––like this wine and cheese tote or this classic rattan basket. Then, pack your basket with essentials like a picnic blanket, bottle opener, thermos, and utensils. 

Now to the food. Or, the pièce de résistance. This one can depend on how long your hike is to your picnic destination (unless you have a reliable cooler), but it’s also up to your imagination. Try a classic charcuterie picnic or a dessert-only spread with imported treats from World Market. 

Bring some entertainment 

You can include this step even if you’re picnicking alone. Do you like painting or photography? Bring along your gear. Or maybe you want to try your hand at card games (solo or with your picnic partner). Keep it electronic-free, though. Part of the joy of picnicking is taking in the view. 


World Market Bend Oregon has everything you need 

We’re at the peak of summer, and there’s no better time to take advantage of the weather and incredible views around town. With World Market Bend Oregon, you have everything you need to plan a memorable garden party or picnic. Happy hosting! 

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