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Visiting Central Oregon? Here’s Why You Should Stop By the CVSC

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It’s been a long, challenging year and a half for most of us. But the sun is shining, the beer is flowing, and the Oregon trails are open for adventure. If you’re visiting Central Oregon this summer, you probably have the usual go-to’s planned, but here’s why we think you should add the CVSC to your list!  


The perks of visiting Central Oregon in the summertime 

We’ve been a staple in Bend since 2005 and, like others who’ve been here a long time, we know nothing beats a high desert summer. If you’re like most Americans who’ve booked vacations this year, you might be anxiously awaiting your trip. Some of our favorite recommendations for those visiting Central Oregon include walking the Bend Ale Trail, exploring with Wanderlust Tours, white water rafting, and hiking Smith Rock

Oh, and did we mention visiting the Cascade Village Shopping Center? That one’s at the top of our recommendations list. 


Why stop by the CVSC? 

We know, we know: “It’s just a mall.” Or is it? The CVSC is a spacious outdoor shopping mall with views of the Cascade Mountains and plenty of good vibes. If you need a small break from your busy time visiting Central Oregon, the CVSC is your best bet. Why, you ask? 


Outdoor dining

Our nine eateries not only serve up dining options for the whole family. But each of our restaurants offers outdoor dining in that Central Oregon sunshine we’re so famous for.  


Safe shopping

Our priority is the safety of our guests. So the CVSC has an on-site security team and security cameras throughout our outdoor mall. And our stores have all adopted strict sanitation and distancing practices. 


Fun for the whole family 

Sure, paddleboarding on the Deschutes and drinking craft brews are quintessentially Bend, but not necessarily for the whole family. Our mall, on the other hand, is great for any age. And kids love our water fountain feature! 


Unique shops 

If you want more than a Bend sweatshirt to mark your time visiting Central Oregon, our unique shops have got you covered. Maybe a handcrafted sign from Board and Brush? Or how about a temporary tattoo from Conscious Ink


Consider us next time you’re visiting Central Oregon! 

Pack your bags, book your reservations, and get ready for the adventure of visiting Central Oregon in the summertime. Don’t forget to stop by to make your trip complete!

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