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Jul 06
Sees Candies in Bend Oregon summer sweets

Warm-Weather Friendly Sweets at See’s Candies in Bend, Oregon

Posted by Cascade Village

If summer had a flavor, we think it should taste like the sea-salt caramel you ate by the ocean on your family beach vacation. Remember the first time you tried peanut nougat at a baseball game? Or the bag of lemon drops you devoured before your favorite outdoor movie? See’s Candies in Bend, Oregon is still in the business of making sweet experiences. Check out some of our See’s Candies favorites for summer events of all types. 

Pick up Sweets at See’s Candies in Bend, Oregon for a Mess-Free Summer Picnic

For example, with July in full swing, you might be thinking: chocolate? Won’t that melt at my summer BBQ? Consider See’s gourmet lollipops made with real vanilla, butterscotch, coffee and chocolate in the iconic square shape. They won’t melt in the summer heat, but we can’t promise you won’t drool. Jellybeans and sour gummies are another surefire hit for a mess-free picnic blanket experience. See’s chewy fruit medallions will make your summer dreams come true with flavors of mango, grape, cherry and lemon. Or grab a bag of classic red and black licorice chews for a rodeo night with the kids!  

Allergen-Free Treats and Traditions for the Whole Family

You can treat the whole family to a good time with allergen-free sweets. No need to scour the dessert table for allergens when there’s a convenient list of See’s allergen-free products. Grab everyone’s favorite by the handful and make your summer parties a breeze. With nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free and egg-free options, there’s truly something for everyone!  

Get Treats at See’s Candies in Bend, Oregon for that “Made at Home” Feeling

We favor See’s over any old candy store not just for the free samples, but because it feels good to purchase products made right here on the West Coast. See’s has always produced and manufactured its candies in America: 26 million pounds of candy a year to be exact. So you can buy American-made products even while checking off your shopping list! What better way to shop locally and get your sugar fix?

See’s Candies—Bend’s Premium Candy Shop 

See’s provides craft-made chocolates in our own Central Oregon backyard. After years of seasonal pop-ups, we’re proud that See’s Candies officially has a permanent home at the Cascade Village Shopping Center. There’s no shortage of crowd-pleasing favorites, even if chocolate isn’t your forte. Stop by the Cascade Village Shopping Center for all of your summer sweets! 

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