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Jan 16
Trader Joe's in Bend Oregon

Everything You Need to Know About the Trader Joe’s in Bend Oregon

Posted by Cascade Village

Trader Joe’s has somewhat of a cult following. Their private label allows them to sell quality-made and delicious products at an affordable price with appealing packaging while Hawaiian-shirt-clad employees are more than happy to help you shop. Going to Trader Joe’s becomes an experience. The Trader Joe’s in Bend Oregon is no exception; go shopping on a Sunday afternoon, and you’ll see how popular it is. But how much do you actually know about Trader Joe’s beside the fact that they have great wine deals (two-buck Chuck) and addicting snacks? Here’s everything you need to know about Trader Joe’s in Bend Oregon.

Trader Joe’s in Bend Oregon

The Trader Joe’s in Bend is located at the open-air mall in Cascade Village Shopping Center, which makes it easy to do your week’s grocery shopping while you run other errands. The extra parking space is convenient as well. This particular Trader Joe’s was the first one opened east of the Cascades in Oregon in March of 2008 making it the eighth location in Oregon at the time. Since 2008, Trader Joe’s has provided Bend locals with budget-friendly, yet food-conscious options without the need for a membership card like Costco or club cards for deals like Safeway. Their prices are the same for all shoppers and their products are ethically made, which Bend residents care about.

Trader Joe’s started in Southern California in 1958 as a convenience store but became the Trader Joe’s it is today, complete with an island theme, in 1967. The store’s founder, yes, Trader Joe, wanted to evoke that faraway market feel, complete with cedar planks on the walls and plastic sea-life decoration. The Trader Joe’s in Bend has murals of Smith Rock and Mirror Pond painted on the walls for a local touch.

Trader Joe’s | Cascade Village Shopping Center

While Bend has its fair share of grocery stores and markets, Trader Joe’s carries products sold at a fair price you can’t find anywhere else. They have great deals on all kinds of food, wine, and beer while also featuring a wonderful floral department. Trader Joe’s brings a popular grocery store option to Bend locals that shoppers love!

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