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Picturing your business at the CVSC

Make Your Business Part of the CVSC

Posted by Cascade Village

When you put your love, sweat, tears, and passion into a project, you likely dream of it becoming a great success. Beginning your business from the ground up is a personal process that can take years. 

That said, if you’ve ever dreamed of making your passion one of the local businesses at the CVSC, read on. 


Why shop local? 

Shopping local is a vital piece of any local economy. Supporting local businesses is a personal investment with a significant return. In fact, “for every $100 spent, roughly $68 to $73 of it returns to local activity.” This return is because local shop owners often purchase from other local businesses or providers, creating a positive cycle in the community. 

If you’re a business owner, you likely know the benefits all too well


A personal touch 

Local shops like yours can provide the handcrafted care that consumers seek. Products are high quality, often handmade or handpicked, and are unique and exclusive. Customers know the difference and “are more likely to go the extra mile” for your business. 


Healthier environment 

Local businesses have a reduced environmental impact when compared to their national and international counterparts because of the reduced need for transportation and production. This, in turn, leads to “less pollution, traffic congestion, habitat loss, and resource depletion.” 


More jobs

Every time you hire someone for your business, you are positively impacting the local economy. “More than 65% of new jobs” come from local businesses, making them the largest national employers. 


Improved community 

With all of the above, local businesses improve their communities. Business taxes also pay it forward by supporting schools, local programs, and roads. 


The Center difference 

At CVSC, we host dozens of businesses––both national chains and local shops. By providing this range of retail, there is a larger pool of customers that shop at CVSC. From big hitters like Bed Bath & Beyond and Best Buy to local shops like OPen Range and Left Coast Burger Company, the CVSC makes a unique space for any business. 

As we are located right off Highways 20 and 97 in Bend, the CVSC has “exposure to 62,900 cars per day and can be easily accessed by all directions.” Our on-site security team, security cameras, and free parking help to keep the shopping center safe and family-friendly. 


Getting your business in CVSC  

As with any shopping center, business at the CVSC fluctuates. For the most current availability of suites, check out the Space for Lease area on the website, and picture where your business could be on our map.

Taking the next step for your business can be scary. But imagine having your very own brick and mortar in the dynamic, beautiful CVSC. It might take a leap of faith (and some business savvy), but the exposure and invaluable community support you receive would make it worth it. Time to make that dream your reality

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