Aug 19
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Back to School Shopping at the Cascade Plaza

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Waking up before the first day of school is kind of like waking up on Christmas day. The anticipation, the rush of adrenaline as you hop out of bed, and the delicious unknown of what the day will hold. Even though Bend-La Pine schools made the tough decision of hybrid in-person and virtual classes, back to school shopping is still a necessary ritual to maintain for your kiddos. We make it easy at the Cascade Plaza.   


New looks

Everyone needs a refresher now and then. Especially after the spent-too-many-days-at-home look we’ve all been sporting the last few months. For some, that’s a new haircut (in an actual salon instead of your kitchen) at Sports Clips or Regis Salon. For others, it might mean a little pampering at Pretty Nails salon. 

Back to school shopping has also traditionally meant refreshing your wardrobe. At Ross at the CVSC, you can find everything from shoes to backpacks to make the first day back special. Even if classes are mostly virtual, outfits can still reflect your child’s personality through the screen.   



At home or on the go, snacks are a must. They’re the fuel for the day, a happy break in the routine, and a great way to bond with those in person “can we trade?” moments. At the CVSC, we have some incredible food options for even the pickiest eater. Trader Joe’s and Food 4 Less have a wide selection of pre-packaged snacks and interesting new items to keep any lunch box the talk of the cafeteria (or your kitchen). 

And when you’re back to school shopping at Cascade Plaza and need a break? Stop in at Jamba Juice or Togo’s sandwiches for a quick, delicious meal. 



Let’s face it, gear is necessary for everything from organized sports to keeping up with homework. At Dick’s Sporting Goods, you can find the latest sports gear and gym apparel for organized or backyard sports. If you’re looking for new gadgets for your child’s grade requirements, Best Buy has one of the biggest selections in town––and the expert team to help you choose. And don’t forget a new phone or tablet to keep in touch.  


Find it all here 

The coming school year looks different for everyone. But we’d like to see it as an opportunity for growth, personal connections, and a lesson in adaptability. Plus, it can still be special with a back to school shopping trip and a fresh new outlook. 

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