Aug 05
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Top School and Work Gadgets at Best Buy Bend

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Fall isn’t only for back-to-school. It’s also time for seasonal workers like teachers to go back to work. Or time to go back to reality from summer vacation (pre-pandemic that is). And whether you’re working or schooling from home or in person, you could probably use some new gadgets. Best Buy Bend has just what you need. 


Gadgets for school

Maybe you have a kiddo ready to enter his or her first year of high school. Or maybe you’re in the trenches of your undergraduate or graduate degree. Either way, some gadgets make school easier––and more fun. 



Tablets are becoming a must-have for students at every level. They’re light, easy to store in a backpack, and seamlessly transition from schoolwork to homework. Not to mention, they’re a great virtual schooling companion. Options like the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface suit any student’s needs. Plus, Best Buy offers Student Deals on select models. 


Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are incredibly versatile. Options range from over-the-ear like Beats Solo3 wireless headphones to in-the-ear buds or pods and come in a wide variety for any ear size or shape. Consider your commute or studying upgraded. 


Reusable notebook 

Okay, so it’s not a gadget in the traditional sense, but reusable notebooks have gained steam. The popular “smart notebooks,” Rocketbooks, allow you to take notes or draw (with special pens), snap and upload the photo to the Cloud, and erase the page with a little water. 


Gadgets for work 

Whether you’re working from home or the office, certain gadgets can help your productivity go up. They also make work feel a little less like, well, work



Smartwatches like the Apple Watch (IOS) or Galaxy Watch (Android) make it easy to stay on track and on time. With the ability to see reminders, missed calls, and calendar events at a glance, smartwatches keep you focused during long work hours.   


WiFi scanner

If you work with documents a lot, wireless scanners are game-changers. As a handheld wand or desk scanner, they “quickly scan documents or images and send them right to your device.” 


Adjustable desk

Adjustable desks might not be “tech-y,” but they do help you use your tech smarter. With options like the Victor that fit on most desks, you can save your neck or back from unnecessary strain while working at your computer. 


Find it at Best Buy Bend 

Best Buy Bend has made it easier than ever to shop for school or work gadgets. With curbside pickup, home delivery, or in-store purchasing (with safety measures), you can prepare for the year ahead. Check it out at the CVSC today

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