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A Valentine's Day gift basket containing wine, and various food items.

Fill Your Valentine’s Day Gift Basket With the Goodies They’ll Love

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Valentine’s Day provides a sweet opportunity to express love and affection for those struck by Cupid’s arrow. Of course, the heart-filled holiday also comes with a bit of pressure to find the perfect gift. Break free from the traditional box of chocolates and flowers with a Valentine’s Day gift basket that speaks their love language.

Build Their Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Giving the perfect gift basket starts with selecting the perfect materials, and you don’t necessarily have to use a basket at your receptacle. A decorative box, hollow book, or elegant bowl can work just as well for a smaller gift. Next, you may want to provide some cushioning with shredded crinkle paper, nice fabric, flower petals, pebbles, or confetti. Try to base your selection on your loved one’s aesthetic. Find a card that incorporates some of the colors in your filler. If the goodies you’re giving need to be wrapped, select paper and ribbons that continue to reflect your gift basket’s visual themes.

Including an object representing your Valentine’s love language could be fun. For example, an hourglass from World Market could represent how much they value quality time. Similarly, you could fill your basket with Scrabble letters to illustrate words of affirmation. Acts of service could even be expressed with a vintage hotel desk bell. Get creative!

Love Language: Quality Time

If your better half prefers one-on-one time above all else, honor that by getting gift cards to Cascade Village’s various dining options. Enclose them in stationary envelopes with a card that reads, “Will you join me for a 7:00 dinner reservation at Blacksteer Steakhouse and Saloon? Check ‘Yes’ or ‘No.” Grab gift cards to Shinsei Sushi and El Rancho Grande and do the same. They swoon over the fact that you have not one but three intimate dinner dates they can take advantage of whenever they’re craving quality time.

Love Language: Acts of Service

Does your sweetie adore it when you perform acts of service? People who speak this love language are often super busy or stressed, which makes assistance from their partner very much appreciated. Give them a break by gifting a mani/pedi at Pretty Nails and a beauty treatment at Cascade Medical Spa. Fill their basket with an eyemask, a notepad to write down their list of to-do’s, and a foot massage kit. Surprise them by striking items off their to-do list while they get some much-needed self-care time at the nail salon and med spa. Top it off with a healing foot massage, and you’ve won Valentine’s Day!

Love Language: Words of Affirmation

There’s nothing like your significant other complimenting you or acknowledging your achievements. You don’t have to write a sonnet to speak this love language. Instead, head to Board & Brush and tap into the DIY spirit! Make a wooden tic-tac-toe board and emblazon each block with things you love about them. Include framed photos of the two of you, and write a lovely note on the back. That way, they can read your sweet nothings, even when you’re not there!

Fill Your Valentine’s Day Gift Basket at Cascade Village

Cascade Village Shopping Center has all the romantic supplies needed for a great Valentine’s Day gift basket. Whether you want to keep it traditional with a luxurious box of chocolates from See’s Candies or keep it spicy with a silky negligee from Pretty Moments Lingerie, we have something your sweetheart will love. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily happenings and new store openings.

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