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Shop These 4 Outdoor Spring Party Ideas at the Best Stores in Bend, Oregon

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It’s that time again where the mornings are brighter, the air a little less crisp, and the plants are beginning to bud. Spring in Bend is truly a time to be savored, and what better way to do that than with an epic outdoor party? Lucky for you, you can visit CVSC for everything you need at the best stores in Bend, Oregon. 


Get your spring on at the best stores in Bend, Oregon 

Although our temps might not rise too far above 65 in spring, these days are full of bright blue skies, fluffy clouds, and sublime afternoons. When hosting an outdoor party, first consider how many guests you’ll have, what types of food or drinks are on the menu, and if you want to follow a theme. 

Here are four ideas to get you started: 


Run Wild 

What’s the opposite of a Bend winter? A tropic-inspired outdoor party! Bring the island spirit to your guests even if you can’t quite capture that island weather. Make it special with unique finds from World Market at the CVSC like these gorgeous placemats, parchment paper leaves, and a unique folding screen that doubles as a photo backdrop. Serve refreshing, island-inspired cocktails or mocktails and unique treats like banana macadamia-nut mini pancakes or jerk chicken (depending on the time of day). 

Keep It Fresh 

You don’t have to have an award-winning garden to host an incredible garden party. In fact, you don’t even have to be a green thumb. First, focus on pastel colors in your decor and plating (like these from Bed, Bath, and Beyond). Then, mix it up with an eclectic variety of vintage pieces (like flower-patterned quilts as a tablecloth) and newer, flower-inspired centerpieces. Real flowers can add up quickly so make the most of your budget by supplementing natural bouquets with some beautiful faux plants and flowers (like this and this) that you can re-use in your house when the party’s over. 


Be a Bookworm 

Book clubs are a great way to connect with friends and family while keeping accountable with your reading time. But instead of the typical living room or coffee shop location, make it an outdoor book club party with themed refreshments and decor. Take it up a notch by having people dress as their favorite characters—Ross Dress for Less is our personal go-to for finding unique clothing items and props for parties. Don’t have a group who would like the same book? Make it a book exchange party instead. 


Make It an Adventure 

For this last idea, you might need a little more space than a backyard (although it’s perfectly doable there!). Turn your outdoor spring party into a scavenger hunt that gives guests an excuse to enjoy the fresh spring weather. This can be as simple or extravagant as you want, but some ideas include having guests take photos of specific items on a list or collecting certain things that you’ve hidden around your yard. The first ones back could even win prizes like a delicious See’s truffle box or a gift card to Conscious Ink or Board and Brush


Find all you need at the best stores in Bend, Oregon 

You don’t need a reason to celebrate the incredible spring weather here, but an outdoor party is a great way to do that in style. Whether you run with one of these four ideas or come up with your own, find all you need at the best stores in Bend, Oregon at the CVSC.

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