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Jan 18
Movie Night

Comfy Beats Cold – Make it a Movie Night

Posted by Cascade Village

This winter there’s been more snow and cold weather than we’ve seen in years. As wonderful and inviting as the Central Oregon landscape is, there are some nights when all you want to do is stay home, get cozy and make it a movie night.

Easy as that sounds, it’s definitely going to involve a checklist. After all, if one is going to bask in the simple luxury of movie night at home, a few fundamentals are needed.

The first on the list, and the obvious, is how is your home theatre system? If you grimaced, or even shrugged, then maybe it’s time to head over to Best Buy and let their home entertainment professionals set you up. Do you need a new flat screen? Do you seek surround sound? Whatever you are looking for, they will have you leaving with a smile, and maybe a new Blu-Ray as well.

The second is that movie night isn’t much fun if you aren’t comfortable. If your old couch is beginning to sag in the middle, you may need a quick visit to Ashley Furniture Homestore. They will have you sitting pretty, quickly.

Snuggies anyone? Of course, they are absolutely necessary, and we have them. To check off the third item on the list, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Ross and JC Penney have all of your slippers, blankets, PJs and cozy needs literally covered.

Lastly, snacks — you’ll need those, too. Popcorn is an absolute necessity, but if you have others sharing the new couch, they may have a few requests. World Market offers a global array of wonderful snacks to make everyone happy — they can even help with a cool new popcorn bowl!

Let’s recap our movie night checklist:

  • Home theatre system and Blu-Ray from Best Buy, check!
  • Couch and chairs from Ashley Furniture, check!
  • Snuggies and comfy essentials from Bed, Bath and Beyond, JC Penney and Ross, check!
  • Popcorn, snacks and fancy new popcorn bowl from World Market, check!

All of the fixings for a wonderful movie night are here. Only one thing more is needed: you.

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