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Easy Halloween Party Ideas at the CVSC

Posted by Cascade Village

Halloween is fast approaching, and we’re already carving pumpkins and brewing potions. But if the thought of hosting a spirited event scares you, we’ve put together some easy Halloween party ideas that are sure to be a treat for guests!


Throw a Halloween-Themed Video Game Party

This one’s for the bigger kids and the kids at heart. If you want an immersive party experience that’ll have you jumping out of your skin, try hosting a horror video game party. 

At Best Buy, you can get all the best video game consoles like the Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. You can also get your hands on some impressive tech upgrades—like flat-screen TVs and surround sound audio—to create a truly immersive gaming experience.

And don’t forget to stock up on snacks and drinks from Food for Less or Trader Joe’s. Once you’ve got your tech setup and the party snacks prepped, it’s time to invite your friends and have a blast! 


DIY Halloween Decor With Friends 

Don’t feel like hosting this year? Then take the party outside your home with a DIY creativity night at Board and Bush

Board and Bush is a creative studio at CVSC, where you and your friends can enjoy a drink and take a DIY workshop. Choose from a number of different Halloween-themed projects like spooky wooden signs or wooden block calendars. 

It’s easy to book a workshop, private party, or virtual workshop at Board and Bush’s website. Board and Bush supply all the materials, so all there’s left to do is wait and coordinate carpools. 


Host a Halloween-Themed Cook-Off 

What’s Halloween without some scary-good treats? A Halloween-themed cook-off is fun for the whole family, and results in some deliciously weird creations. Think of your favorite TV cooking show, like Chopped, where everyone has the same ingredients but has to come up with inventive potions and frightening feats. 

To get started, collect a list of Halloween-themed snack ideas and have each participant choose one out of a hat. There are tons of simple recipe videos online to choose from if you’re unsure what to include. Next, head on over to Food for Less or Trader Joe’s to stock up on supplies. Then it’s time to cook! 

The best part: taste test time. Share your dishes, throw on some Halloween tunes, or put on a movie to enjoy together.  


Which Easy Halloween Party Ideas Will You Try This Year? 

No matter what you decide to do, stop by Cascade Village Shopping Center for all your easy Halloween party ideas and supplies. We hope your Halloween celebrations are filled with spirit and all the treats you can eat! 

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