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Frequently Asked Questions About the Cascade Village Shopping Center

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When you sit in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains, you have a lot to live up to (and look up to). At the Cascade Village Shopping Center, our guests are our priority We strive to provide an outdoor shopping experience that’s full of variety, fun, and beautiful views. In an effort to provide the best service we can, we’ve answered your frequently asked questions below. 


Where is the Cascade Village Shopping Center located?

Our beautiful outdoor shopping mall is located at the north end of Bend, Oregon on 34 acres. Whether you’re headed out or coming into town, we’re conveniently located for all your shopping needs (like those last-minute Trader Joe’s runs). 


Are you still associated with the Mountain View Mall? 

If you’re a true Bendite, you might remember the Mountain View Mall that sat on our property in the ‘80s and ‘90s. In 1998, our parent company (the SIMA corporation) purchased the property and got to work on the renovated, open-air mall we know and love today. 


How safe is your outdoor shopping mall? 

Everyone is welcome here. We keep our mall a safe, family-friendly place for our guests who visit from around the country and the world. In addition to security cameras throughout the mall (inside and out!), we also have dedicated private security professionals onsite. Our mall also follows all COVID safety and protocols.


How many shops does the Cascade Village Shopping Center have? 

We think variety is the spice of life! Our mall’s twenty-plus shops offer everything from home furnishings and technology to crafts and pet care. We also have nine restaurants to satisfy any mid-shop hunger pangs. 


How do I lease a space? 

We love to support local. Do you have a business idea or expansion in mind? We have a prime location for locals and visitors alike. More on leasing availability and information here


Stop by the Cascade Village Shopping Center today! 

The shops may grow and change at the Cascade Village Shopping Center, but we remain committed to our guests—their safety, experience, and meeting their unique shopping needs! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Hope to see you here soon.

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