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Jan 06
Try healthy juices as part of your New Year's Resolutions

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions at Cascade Village

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At the beginning of January, New Year’s Resolutions are easier to start keeping than to continue keeping throughout the year. It’s easy to plan to get healthy after the holidays, but following through with these types of New Year’s Resolutions can be daunting. At Cascade Village Shopping Center in Bend, Oregon, we put the resolve in resolutions. From healthy eating at Trader Joe’s to new yoga pants at Dick’s, we make the New Year’s Resolution to get healthy that much more attainable throughout the entire year.

New Year’s Resolutions Headquarters

Trader Joe’s

Getting healthy is a breeze at Trader Joe’s. From organic fruits and veggies to health conscious frozen meals for the busy Bendite, Trader Joe’s is the natural choice for getting healthy in 2016.


Kick your New Year’s Resolutions into high gear with vitamin and nutritional supplements from GNC. GNC offers many different products to help you meet your nutritional goals. From Quest protein bars to herbal supplements, GNC has the solution for your New Year’s Resolution.

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice makes getting and healthy convenient with all of the fresh wholesome ingredients your body needs blended together. Jamba Juice offers green juices and smoothies with optional boosts to get the most out of your nutritionally minded beverage.


It would be silly to start your New Year’s Resolution off by working out in jeans. Dress for success by getting the proper gym and yoga studio apparel at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Whether you prefer running outdoors on the Deschutes River Trail, or would rather get bendy at a local barre studio, Dick’s can outfit you with the right clothes to get healthy in.

Sleep Train

Many would argue that there’s nothing healthier than getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep helps bodies recover quicker when you’re sick and has amazing overall health benefits. Find your next bed at Sleep Train and sleep your way to better health in 2016.


Stop straining your eyes at work and improve your eye and vision health at Visionworks. From contact lens to reading glasses and prescription sunglasses, Visionworks has the solution to your vision problems.

Give yourself an advantage by holding to your New Year’s Resolutions to get healthy in 2016. Cascade Village Shopping Center is your New Year’s Resolution headquarters all year long.

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