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The Top 5 PetSmart Products for Summertime

Posted by Cascade Village

It’s summer in Bend and we’re soaking up the longer days and unbeatable weather with our pets. Whether you’re hitting the trails around town or enjoying the shade in your backyard, these PetSmart products are sure to keep your pets happy, hydrated, and safe this summer. 

Cooling Beds and Pads 

When those high desert days are especially sweltering, it can be hard to escape the heat. Although you might have been picking up hair for months now as your dog sheds for summer, it can still be hard for our furry friends to keep cool. The PetSmart products we trust for this job are cooling beds (and pads!). The beds use Cool Core liquid that delivers cool relief without electricity. The pads use similar technology but on a smaller, more mobile scale––plus, they’re great for smaller dogs or even cats! 



Doggles are protective eyewear for dogs designed to keep wind and debris out of their eyes when putting their head out the car window. Of course, you can have your dog wear them while on a walk or jumping in and out of the Deschutes if you want as well. They’re stylish, lined with foam for comfort, and have 100% UV protection. 


Drinkware for Anywhere 

Water can get stale when sitting out all day. One of our favorite PetSmart products is this pet drinking fountain, which makes water fresher and absorbs impurities. Plus, it’s suitable for multiple pets (even cats) and has an elevated design for a better drinking position. If you need something for long hikes or on the go, we recommend this travel bowl


River Safety 

Paddleboarding or kayaking with your dog can be a great bonding experience. But make sure your pets are water-safe for the adventure! These life jackets come in a variety of sizes and have high visibility when you need them most. The best part is they’re made with ripstop material that resists tearing. 


All-Day Flea and Tick Protection 

It’s true that fleas aren’t common in Central Oregon, but they are in other parts of the state, and there are over 20 species of ticks here. Keep your cat and dog protected with these repellent collars. Your pet will thank you for a summer free of itching. 


Find These PetSmart Products and More at the CVSC

The dog (and cat) days of summer are upon us. Is your pet outfitted for Bend adventures? Lucky for you, you can find all these PetSmart products and more at the CVSC

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