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Nov 25

Satisfy Every Sweet Tooth at Sees Candies Bend Oregon

Posted by Cascade Village

Certain things make you start thinking about the holidays. Coffee shops switch out their seasonal pumpkin lattes for peppermint mochas. Holiday lights slowly begin to trickle onto the homes on your street. Tree lots will soon start popping up on every corner throughout Bend. And the frequency in which you hear “Jingle Bells” in all of it’s iterations, by every pop star you could imagine increases steadily over the coming weeks. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or maybe just the winter solstice one thing we can all agree on is the arrival of Sees Candies Bend, Oregon, at Cascade Village Shopping Center.

About Sees Candies

See’s Candies has been dedicated to making candy the Mary See’s way for more than 90 years. The arrival of See’s Candies Bend Oregon welcomes the holiday season with chocolatey delights that bring a smile to the face of men, women and children. See’s Candies uses the finest, freshest ingredients in each recipe, making each sweet treat famous for it’s deliciousness. See’s Candies has paired quality candy with the friendliest customer service since 1921.

See’s Candies is headquartered in California and has expanded to more than 200 shops across America. Charles See arrived in Los Angeles in 1921 from Canada. When he decided to open his confection business he adorned the company with the image of his mother Mary. See’s Candies uses Mary’s original recipes and they are enjoyed by millions of people to this day.

Sees Candies Bend Oregon

See’s Candies opened its temporary location at Cascade Village next to GNC and across the street from Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers on Thursday, November 5 and will remain open through Thursday, December 31. Sees Candies Bend Oregon carries a large selection of chocolates and candies to satisfy the sweet tooth of everyone on your list. Bring a box of See’s Candies to Thanksgiving dinner and you’ll be the toast of the party.

Shop early for the best selection of candy, confections and holiday gifts. Don’t forget to visit the store for a FREE sample on each visit. Talk about a sweet deal at Sees Candies Bend Oregon.

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