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Mar 06
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Conscious Ink: The Business of Motivating with Temporary Tattoos in Bend

Posted by Cascade Village

Tattoos say a lot about who you are and how you project yourself to the rest of the world. It can be difficult for some people to decide on a permanent ink design on their skin even if they want a real tattoo. But what if you could say what you want with body art that wasn’t permanent? Temporary tattoos with motivational messaging can be a way to say something on the skin without having to commit to something permanent. And that’s a powerful thing. Conscious Ink built a temporary tattoo business around inspiration and it’s a tattoo trend that is very popular!

Conscious Ink

Motivation is the business model at Conscious Ink. They believe anyone can manifest their true desires by elevating their consciousness with messages in temporary tattoo designs. Their mission is for everyone to take the time to focus on raising their own consciousness. With the help of their tattoo messaging, we can all eventually uplift the entire world. Their temporary tattoos range from messages like “I am Enough” to “Remember who you really are” to “Keep Going.” They are simple reminders that help motivate but aren’t permanent which means you can switch up your motivation whenever you want! Different messages are used for different circumstances.

Conscious Ink tattoos are made with FDA-approved colorants, which means they are safe and non-toxic. They wear off in 2-5 days depending on where you place it, and you can remove them sooner with a little rubbing alcohol. Intention is behind each message, down to the design and the colors, and customers love what they do.

“Thank you for your awesome company. You make me stronger.”

Conscious Ink sells temporary tattoo packages with an endless amount of themes from Aloha Spirit to  Parenthood to Heal for any situation you can think of. While they are mainly a wholesale to retail brand sold at stores all around the country, they have a brick and mortar location at Cascade Village Shopping Center in Bend, Oregon.

Cascade Village Shopping Center

Visit the Conscious Ink location right next door to Shinsei Sushi. Stop in to see which temporary tattoos speak to you whether they help motivate, heal, or celebrate. It’s time to manifest some good intentions!

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