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winter fashion trends with Ross Bend Oregon

Winter Fashion Trends with Ross In Bend, Oregon

Posted by Cascade Village

If you’ve seen the old SNL skit with Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, you know it’s officially “sweata weather!” The thing with winter fashion trends, though, is that they’re as changeable as the snow patterns. This year’s all about bold statement pieces, comfortable staples, and bright hues. Find everything you need to stay on trend (and comfortable) at Ross in Bend, Oregon! 

On Trend With Ross In Bend, Oregon 

Ross Dress for Less is known for exactly that: affordable fashion. The “here today, gone tomorrow” approach to unique fashion and lifestyle makes walking down the aisles a treasure hunt for those special pieces. And when it comes to seasonal fashion trends, Ross has the latest cuts, shades, and materials to experiment with your unique style. 

These are our top five winter trends we’re shopping at Ross Bend, Oregon at the Cascade Village

Trend 1: Unique Cuts 

We know, we know. It’s *freezing* outside and the trend is cutouts?! Hear us out on this one: it’s all about materials and layering. Try this trend with a cozy sweater that has an exciting slit or cut (like this or this). Or, try a party dress with a unique back or midriff cutout and stay warm with an oversize coat (from Trend #4 below). 

Another way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is with unique cuts of fabric, such as cropped puffer coats or asymmetrical shirts and dresses. Remember, you don’t have to go overboard with the cutouts. Instead, stick to what feels comfortable and adds some interest to your outfit. 

Trend 2: Western Details 

Another trend gaining steam this season is western details—perfect for Central Oregon winters. These “cowboy-inspired touches” include everything from western hats and boots to thick denim shirts and unique bolos. 

At Ross in Bend, Oregon look for pieces made of heavy, durable fabrics, sturdy hats, and interesting patterns (think: Pendleton-inspired). This trend is more about the detail pieces than going over the top on the western look. When in doubt, pick one or two statement pieces and keep the rest fairly neutral. 

Trend 3: Fluorescent Hues 

Whether hitting the streets or the slopes, these bright shades will get you noticed. The fluorescent trend is in direct contrast to the muted pastels of 2020, and is perfect for beating the winter blues. 

To start, look for hues like electric orange, acid green, and brilliant blues. The best way to incorporate them into your look without coming across as a traffic officer is offsetting with a darker tone for contrast, like black or navy blue. It also helps to pick one element of your outfit (like a coat or shoes) for the color pop. 

Trend 4: Statement Coats

If you’ve ever found a coat and thought I could just live in that, this trend’s for you. Oversized tent coats, or statement coats, are especially popular this year. And, when contrasted with form-fitting cutouts or snug sweaters, you can achieve a nice balance. 

For these pieces, the bigger the better. Look for long puffer coats, oversized trench coats, or knee-length blazers to add a special (and warm) element to every look. 

Ross in Bend, Oregon Lets Your Dress For Less 

It can be costly to keep up with the latest fashion—especially with big staple pieces in the winter—but Ross in Bend, Oregon lets you stay on trend for less. So whether you find inspiration from this list, Pinterest, or social media, we wish you happy styling!

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